About me…

Hi, my name is Dennis Oxley.  I’ve been the proprietor of a small graphic art firm in Little Rock since 1984 – Oxley Art Graphic Design.  Oxley Art (OA) handles a number of clients that range from local, regional and national profiles.  OA’s services have involved just about all aspects of graphic design.  Illustration more often than not seems to be an integral part of what we do, and I enjoy it very much.  It is part of who I am… from when I would go through a ream of paper with a set of pens or markers as a young boy, exploring conceptual and still life painting in high school or figure drawing/painting/sculpture in college. After college, and starting a family I immersed my self in the graphic art/advertising world, not producing any non commissioned pieces for myself.  It was and is fulfilling to a degree, but it lacked the complete freedom to follow pure creative, non commercial ideas.  I now allow myself the time to explore this rediscovered world.  I’ve not yet come to rest in anyone spot or niche, so who knows what the future will hold!

Check out my Facebook page at “Dennis Oxley artisan” and my website…


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